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15 Outdoor 4th of July Activities For Kids

It’s no secret our family loves the outdoors. With the upcoming holiday, I thought it would be a great idea to gather up a list of awesome outdoor 4th of July activities for kids (and adults too). Thanks to the wonderful Pinterest parents out there, I’ve got 15 super fun outdoor activities lined up that are sure to make this a memorable holiday for the kids. Let’s dive in!

outdoor 4th of july activities

15 Outdoor 4th of July Activites For Kids

1. Corn Hole

Let’s start this list off with possibly the most iconic outdoor summer activity: corn hole. To make the game extra patriotic, you could buy a pre-painted set of boards. If you’re feeling crafty, you can sew bags that have patriotic patterns or paint the boards yourself with stripes and stars. If you’re like me and want to look creative with minimal effort, you can nail some red and blue glow sticks to the boards and continue to play after it gets dark.

2. Alka Seltzer Bottle Rockets

Alka Seltzer bottle rockets are definitely an outdoor 4th of July activity. To make these rockets, you will need some patriotic paper, tape, a film canister, alka seltzer tablets, and water. Basically you shape a rocket out of paper and place the film canister inside the tube. When everything is secure, add the tablet and some water then prepare for lift off. For full directions and templates to shape the rocket, head to the Oh My Crafts Blog.

3. Aluminum Can Bowling

Don’t throw away those empty baked bean cans! Turn them into a super easy and fun outdoor 4th of July activity. Simply wrap the cans with fun patriotic paper and secure it with tape. Stack the cans into a pyramid and roll or kick a ball to knock them over. This game can be played for points or just for fun. Either way, the kids will love it!

outdoor 4th of july activities

4. Star Spangled Tic Tac Toe

There are so many variations of this game so it’s up to you to choose how creative you want to get. One option is to cut out X’s and O’s from red and blue patterned card stock. You could also buy wooden letters and have the kids paint them red, white, and blue. Another idea I’ve seen is to let the kids paint rocks in patriotic colors.

Once you’ve decided what to make your game pieces with, simply use some twine to make the # pattern on the lawn (or be super lazy like us and use chalk on the sidewalk). Be sure to make the spaces large enough for your pieces to fit into. Split up into teams and line up at the start line. One member from each team has to race to the board and place their piece and run back to the start. When they cross the line, the next team member can go place their piece. The team that gets 3 pieces in a row wins.

5. 3 Legged Race

Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned 3 legged race!? To make this into more of a 4th of July activity, tie legs together with red, white, and blue fabric. Set a flag out in the yard for each team to run around and return to the start. Whoever gets back to the start first wins.

6. Balloon Paddle Game

This is one of the simplest concepts, but I know my kids are going to have hours of fun with this. Simply take a white paper plate and attach a large popsicle stick to the back. Let the kids paint the plates with red and blue in whatever pattern they would like. Blow up some patriotic balloons and use the paddles to see how long they can keep it up in the air with their paddle. If you need an idea on where to find patriotic balloons, click here.

outdoor 4th of july activities

7. Flag Hunt

This is such a cute take on making an Easter tradition into a 4th of July activity. Instead of eggs, hide miniature American flags around the yard. You can make this as easy or challenging as your kids can handle. Whoever comes back with the most flags wins a prize.

8. Water Balloon Fight

With the July heat rolling in, a little water play can really cool things down. What better way to get wet than some friendly competitive water balloon fighting. Simply fill the balloons up with water and let the kids go crazy. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

9. Scavenger Hunt

As you may already know, my family loves a good scavenger hunt, even during the holidays. There are tons of variations of scavenger hunt to choose from so you can really get creative here. We like to walk around the neighborhood and try to find different red, white, and blue objects. If you need more ideas, head over to my Pinterest board called Scavenger Hunts For All Occasions and click on the holiday section.

outdoor 4th of july activities

10. Water Bottle Ring Toss

This game is not only easy to set up, but it will keep the younger kids occupied for hours. Using either recycled or fresh water bottles, wrap them with fun ribbons or paper then arrange them in whatever pattern you’d like. Give the kids some ring toss rings and let them have at it. If you want the fun to continue after dark, pop some red and blue glow sticks in the water bottles and make rings out of glow sticks.

11. Bucket Ball

Bucket ball will take some construction from an adult, but it is tons of fun. Using a pallet or plywood as a base, screw 3 red and 3 blue buckets into a checkered pattern onto a board. Prop the board up against the side of the house and let the kids try to toss bean bags into the buckets from various distances. For added difficulty, have your kids try to aim for only 1 color bucket. Whoever makes the most bags in wins.

12. Water Cup Race

Water cup racing is great for all summer, not just a 4th of July activity! This game is ridiculously simple to set up and it’s fun for both adults and kids. Thread one red solo cup onto a long piece of string and a blue solo cup onto a different piece of string. Tie the strings into parallel paths using trees or poles. Use a squirt gun to squirt water into the cup to move down the string. The person who gets their cup to the end of the string first wins.

outdoor 4th of july activities

13. Paint Stars On The Yard

A fun way to incorporate crafting into an outdoor 4th of July activity is to paint stars in the yard. Cut out a star stencil in a large piece of cardboard. Using spray chalk, let the kids place the stencil around the yard and spray different colored stars all over the lawn. When the next rain comes or the sprinklers kick on, it will wash away easily.

14. Pillow Case Race

This is a fun take on a sack race, but you don’t have to worry about spending money on a burlap sack. Take 2 white pillow cases and let the kids decorate them with blue and red paint. Just like with the 3 legged race, players have to hop to an American flag placed in the yard and return to the start. The first team with all players across the finish line wins.

15. Obstacle Course

If you are feeling SUUUUUPER Pinterest parent-y, this one is for you! One of the coolest outdoor 4th of July activities I have seen is a giant obstacle course in the yard. There are simple courses using just a chalk path or really complicated Ninja Warrior style courses. For more ideas on what to put in your obstacle course, click here.

Have Fun This 4th Of July!

That wraps up this list of (mostly) easy outdoor 4th of July activities. I hope you and your family can have fun with at least one of these ideas. If you know of any other 4th of July activities not listed and are fun for the whole family, let me know in a comment below.

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