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250+ Homeschooling Themes For 2020

If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time, you know I am a huge fan of thematic learning. Having a weekly topic has been a huge source of inspiration and motivation to keep our homeschool lessons interesting. 

Whether you are a fan of weekly themes as well, or just looking for a few ideas to spice up your homeschooling, this post is going to be an excellent resource for you. I tried to include themes for early learning as well as upper elementary so everyone can find inspiration here. 

Each month is divided into 4 topics: history/geography, science/math, holidays/fun, and mindfulness/exercising. This will not only help you keep a well rounded homeschool curriculum, but if you choose one item from each category your whole month is sorted out.

Let’s go ahead and dive right in to these awesome homeschooling themes for the 2020 school year. 


History/Geography: Martin Luther King, Arctic tribes (Inuit and Tlingit), Gregorian calendar system, Chinese culture

Science/Math: arctic animals, snowflakes, snow, bears, clouds, ice, owls, penguins, opposites, zoology

Holiday/Fun: New Years, Chinese New Year, English tea parties/etiquette (for National hot tea month), Lego Day

Mindfulness/Exercise: goal setting, feeling proud, feeling frustrated, calming breath, Warrior II pose, bear crawls


History/Geography: Presidents, Black History, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr., girls and women in science

Science/Math: hearts, dentistry, animal tracks, polar animals, groundhogs, meteorology, safe internet practices, psychology, weather

Holiday/Fun: Valentine’s Day, Groundhogs Day, football (super bowl), President’s Day

Mindfulness/Exercise: self love, feeling confident, feeling shy, meditation, mountain pose (tadasana), jumping jacks, diversity


History/Geography: Ostara, Celtic culture, Scotland, Ireland, Chichen Itza, history of leprechauns 

Science/Math: Daylight Savings Time, time zones, railroads, what is an equinox, seasons, flowers, poison/poison prevention, clovers, chemistry, states of matter

Holiday/Fun: St. Patrick’s Day, Spring equinox, Dr. Seuss, Mardi Gras, Poetry Day

Mindfulness/Exercise: acts of kindness, feeling hopeful, feeling disappointed, frog pose, froggy jumps


History/Geography: World Religions, History of Easter, Qingming, Winston Churchill

Science/Math: rain, rainbows, dirt, plants and seeds, butterflies, insects, cherry blossoms, pollution, run-off, going green, geometry 

Holiday/Fun: Earth Day, Passover, Easter, haikus

Mindfulness/Exercise: feeling calm, feeling angry, downward facing dog, starfish jumps, volunteering


History/Geography: Greek Mythology, Egyptian mythology, May Day, Mexican culture, Pacific Islander Heritage

Science/Math: fruiting flowers, animals at the zoo, weather, gardening, flowers, composting, geology, natural resources 

Holiday/Fun: Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Star Wars (May the Fourth), Cinco de Mayo

Mindfulness/Exercise: feeling happy, feeling sad, pyramid pose, crab walks


History/Geography: Stonehenge, Machu Picchu, King Kamehameha

Science/Math: fish, animals in the jungle, watermelons, bees, transportation, the human body, fruit, felines, volcanology, heat/light

Holiday/Fun: Summer Solstice, Father’s Day, Flag Day, National Yoga Day

Mindfulness/Exercise: feeling excited, feeling bored, Sun Salutations, running in place


History/Geography: Independence Day, British history, extraterrestrials (UFO Day is Jul 2)

Science/Math: sharks, layers of the ocean, deep sea creatures, ocean animals, sea turtles, mermaids, strawberry life cycle, the moon, moths, boats, ecology, sound, sonar

Holiday/Fun: Shark Week, Fourth of July, Clean Beaches Week

Mindfulness/Exercise: Your unique traits, feeling anxious, feeling present, easy seat (sukhasana), swim like a shark, generosity, sharing


History/Geography: India, Eastern culture, Eid al-Adha, 

Science/Math: sunflower life cycle, pirates, treasure hunts, watermelon life cycle, lighthouses, recycling, baking, amphibians, dinosaurs, paleontology

Holiday/Fun: Back To School, share your favorite book, 

Mindfulness/Exercise: feeling nervous, feeling silly, bee breath, dance like a robot, bow pose


History/Geography: Hispanic culture, Spain, Mexico, Latin America, Gulf of Mexico, US Constitution

Science/Math: Pinecones, apples, fall leaves, what is an equinox, healthy bodies, avocado life cycle, linguistics 

Holiday/Fun: Autumn Equinox, Grandparents Day, Hispanic heritage, Labor Day, Rosh Hashanah, Johnny Appleseed, Fire Safety

Mindfulness/Exercise: feeling tired, feeling energetic, plank pose, jump roping, bullying prevention


History/Geography: Sahmain, Dia de la Muertas, Christopher Columbus

Science/Math: pumpkin life cycle, coffee/caffeine, saving money, counting money, writing checks, mushrooms, reptiles, bones and joints, biology

Holiday/Fun: Halloween, Columbus Day, National Art Day

Mindfulness/Exercise: feeling scared, feeling surprised, child’s pose, hula hooping, mental health 


History/Geography: American Indians, Pilgrims, right to vote, military history, Daylight Savings, November 11

Science/Math: turkeys, turkey life cycle, cornucopias, nutrition, birds, respiratory system, physics

Holiday/Fun: Thanksgiving, Election Day, Veterans Day, Arbor Day, STEAM Day

Mindfulness/Exercise: gratitude journaling, feeling grateful, feeling hurt, tree pose, balance on one leg


History/Geography: Winter solstice, Newgrange, religions around the world, Pearl Harbor

Science/Math: Hibernation, Migration, mammals, circulatory system, fat insulation, germs, astronomy, stars

Holiday/Fun: Yule, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Diwali 

Mindfulness/Exercise: feeling confused, feeling interested, happy baby pose, jump with one leg

That Wraps Up My Homeschooling Themes For 2020

I hope you found this post to be beneficial in planning out your 2020 homeschooling year! These themes are quite diverse and can lend way to some really interesting lessons.

Let me know in the comments below if I missed any themes you love or think should be added. Thanks so much for taking the time to read! Until next time, peace out homies!

250+ themes for the 20202 homeschool year

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