Hey there! My name is Casey Harkleroad and I am the esoteric, “woo-woo” blogger behind The Hippie Homeschooler. If you are a homeschooling parent who values things like mindfulness, yoga, self love, and learning in an unconventional way, you are in the right place.

This blog is meant to give you ideas for homeschooling outside of the box regardless of your child’s age. Through giving advice on how to avoid burn out and suggesting lesson plans and mindful activities, this blog will help you become more confident with your homeschooling style.

Just like everyone else, I make a LOT of mistakes. I also have a bad habit of winging things without putting in much planning. It makes for interesting stories, but it also gives us loads of experience in improving our homeschooling style.

I’m really looking forward to sharing our journey with you. I want this to be an informative blog, but I also want to connect with y’all and hear about your experiences, too. We are always looking for recommendations on new lessons and learning methods so please feel free to pass some ideas our way!

I hope you enjoy reading about my tips, experiences, and ideas! Peace out, homies!