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Emperor Penguins Lesson And Printables

Winter is coming.

All GoT jokes aside, winter IS here and in full swing so it’s the perfect time to teach your littles about animals in the Arctic.

My kids really gravitated toward emperor penguins during our arctic animals lesson last month so I decided to dedicate an entire week to this sweet creature. While I was planning this emperor penguins lesson I decided to turn my handmade worksheets into free printables so everyone can join along.

In addition to the free printables, I will fill you in on all the other activities we will be doing for our emperor penguins lesson. I highly encourage you to follow along so your kids get a well rounded lesson.

With all that being said, let’s dive right in to this emperor penguins lesson and free printables!

emperor penguins lesson and free printables

Emperor Penguin Crafts And STEAM Activities

As you know by now, I am a HUGE fan of crafts and STEAM and this week is no exception. I made a Pinterest board dedicated specifically to crafts for our emperor penguins lesson. Click here to view the board.

The craft we personally will be doing is the hatching penguin chick puppets by kidscraftroom.com. I can see my kids having tons of fun interactive play with that craft after our lesson so it seemed like the best fit. We are also REALLY excited to try to the “How Do Penguins Stay Dry” science experiment by raisinglittlesuperheros.com.

In addition to those activities, we will also do a “Nailed It” challenge where the kids have to make penguins using Oreo cookies and icing. They will be given the supplies they need and 10 minutes to make the best penguin Oreo. Whoever wins the judging contest gets to eat all the Oreos used.

Recommended Educational Videos

Another great way to teach your kids about emperor penguins is through educational videos. YouTube has quite a diverse range of emperor penguin videos suitable for kids of all ages.

I tried to be organized on YouTube and make a special playlist for you guys, but the new COPPA rules don’t allow you to save kids videos. I will do my best to link as many of the videos we will be watching during our emperor penguins lesson.

The educational videos we plan on watching are All About Penguins by Nat Geo Kids, All About Penguins For Kids by Free School, and Penguin Facts For Kids by Homeschool Pop. We’ll also watch a few fun and entertaining videos as well. Art Hub For Kids has a great how to draw penguins tutorial were going to try.

If none of those seem up your alley, just search “emperor penguins for kids” and you will find TONS of content.

emperor penguins lesson

Books To Compliment Your Emperor Penguin Lesson

If you plan on following the Grade 1-2 free printable, I highly recommend picking up at least one educational book to help with the fill in the blanks. The library is always the best place to start, but there are tons of great second hand books available on Amazon.

The educational books I recommend are “A Day In The Life Of Polar Animals: Emperor Penguins” by Katie Marsico and “Emperor Penguins Up Close” by Carmen Bredeson. For fun story books, check out “The Emperors Egg” by Martin Jenkins or “Little Penguin Stays Awake” by Tadgh Bentley.

I was able to find a wide variety of educational and story books related to our emperor penguins lesson at our local library. Be on the look out for a separate post for book recommendations soon.

Free Emperor Penguin Lesson Printables

And finally, what we all came here for, the free emperor penguins lesson printables! Since we have a Pre-Ker and a first grader, I made two separate printable packets for those age ranges.

Each lesson has 8 worksheets that can be completed in one day or over the course of a few days. Again, I recommend combining these printables with some of the activities mentioned above to give your kids a well rounded lesson.

Enjoy Your Emperor Penguins Lesson And Free Printables!

I truly hope you enjoy this lesson with your kiddos. This is my first time making free printables so I really hope it works out well and you guys enjoy them.

Let me know in the comments below if you like the printables and/or would like to see more free stuff in the future. Thank you so much for your continued love and support! I look forward to bringing you more great content soon!

Peace out, homies!

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