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November Outdoor Schooling Activities

november outdoor schooling activities

As you know by now, our little eclectic schooling family loves to incorporate outdoor schooling activities into our lesson plans. I find that my children retain more information when we take our learning to new environments. Plus, it’s really fun to mix things up.

We are super blessed to live in Hawai’i where the weather is decent all year round so some of our outdoor schooling activities will include trips to the beach this month. I realize that’s not accessible to everyone so I will be mindful to include activities that can easily be replicated regardless of where you are located.

With that being said, let’s dive right into our November outdoor schooling activities.

Week One: Weather

Just like the Earth theme from last month, this one is pretty easy to get outside for. You literally step outside and BAM! You are experiencing weather. Even though this is a rather easy week for outdoor schooling activities, we are going to take a “field trip” to the Children’s Discovery Center.

There is a wonderful water-play room with a hands on display of the water cycle. Since that is one of our focuses for weather week, I figured it would be really fun for the kids to get messy and have fun playing with the water cycle.

Another focus for our weather week is rain and rainbows so we are going to play around with making rainbows outside using our hose. We have one of those hose attachments with the flat, shower, or cone pattern spray. We will take turns spraying the hose using each setting and record which ones create rainbows.

Week Two: Turkeys

There is only one farm I know of on island with turkeys and they are closed for the season so we won’t have much luck getting to see a real turkey for our outdoor schooling activity this week. Instead, we are going to play a series of fun, outdoor turkey games.

I found this really adorable post on “Minute To Win It” style Thanksgiving games by Happiness Is Homemade. Most of the games are turkey themed and very easy to replicate outdoors.

The games I am leaning toward recreating are “shooting turkeys” and “turkey rockets”. These games offer a fun way to include first grade level addition into our playtime and give both kids additional STEM experience.

For my pre-schooler, we will play this turkey leg ring toss game by Kid Friendly Things To Do. We will use different colored rings to identify primary and secondary colors. We will also work on our skip counting by 2’s each time we hook a ring.

Week Three: American Indians And Pilgrims

While scouring Pinterest for ideas for this week, I stumbled across this super cool and informative post by More Than A Worksheet which talks about games Pilgrims used to play that we still play today. I really loved this post because I had no idea so many of the games I played growing up were also played by Pilgrims.

This inspired me to have another game related outdoor schooling activity week. My kids already love the games badminton, tic tac toe, and hide and seek so it won’t be difficult to get them excited for our outdoor lessons.

In addition to playing these games, we will talk about the daily lives of Pilgrim children. We will compare and contrast their lives to our own modern lives as well as compare the old and new versions of these games.

Week Four: Thanksgiving

Since this is a holiday week, we will probably be taking our lesson planning pretty easy. We will be doing a lot of reading about the history of Thanksgiving, expressing gratitude, making fun crafts, and probably a few more of those Minute To Win It games.

This will also be the week we take a trip to the beach. The visibility has been pretty decent lately so we can see our neighbor island from the Southeastern shore. We will talk about how the Pilgrims sailed on the Mayflower across the ocean until they could see the land now known as Cape Cod.

That’s A Wrap For Our November Outdoor Schooling Activities

And that, my friends, concludes our November outdoor schooling activities. I hope you found some inspiration in this post to mix up your homeschooling routine. For other ideas to compliment this November lesson plan, be sure to check out this Pinterest board I created to make life easier for you.

I would love to hear in the comments below what your favorite Thanksgiving related games are. We are a really nerdy, gamer family so we are always looking for new suggestions.

Also, if you decide to take part in any of these activities feel free to tag me on IG @the.hippie.homeschooler or use the hashtag #hippiehomeschooling so I can see you in action.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post. I hope your family has as much fun as we do learning outdoors. Until next time, peace out homies!

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