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Rainbow Turkey Craft And Lesson

rainbow turkey craft and lesson

Ahh, November. Fall is in full swing and we are well on our way to Thanksgiving which means it’s time to MAKE ALL THE TURKEY THINGS!

Even though our topic this week was weather, I wanted to include turkeys in some way because I’m a low-key fall addict. As I was rummaging through our craft drawers I stumbled upon a huge bag of feathers we forgot about. I knew right then I had to do some sort of turkey/rainbow mash up.

If you have been around this blog for a while, you know our crafts double as an entire homeschool lesson. This rainbow turkey craft is no exception. It’s educational, but extremely fun so your kiddos are sure to stay intrigued and learn some awesome facts. Let’s dive in!

Materials Needed To Create The Rainbow Turkey Craft

rainbow turkey craft and lesson

To create this adorable rainbow turkey craft, you will need the following materials:



Cone Shaped Coffee Filter

Crafting Feathers


Googly Eyes

Scraps of Red and Orange Construction Paper

I do suggest using the cone coffee filters because they are sturdier than traditional filters. This means they hold their shape well and don’t fold or crease with the weight of the glue and feathers.

Other than that, these materials are a mere suggestion. Feel free to add or subtract materials based on what you have available.

Optional Prep Work And Lessons

rainbow turkey craft and lesson

Before you begin assembling your rainbow turkey craft, there is some optional prep work. Regardless the age of your children, it is very beneficial to include them in this step to hone in on fine motor skills and basic mathematics.

In addition to the cutting of shapes I mention below, we watched this short, kid-friendly video on how rainbows are formed. This refreshed their memory of ROY G. BIV as well as introduced the concept of prisms and light refraction.

To prepare the beak, draw a triangle on your orange scrap paper and have your child cut it out. This is a great time for your Pre-Ker to identify colors and shapes as well as the count the number of sides on a triangle.

Use the rest of your orange scrap paper to cut out the feet. I chose to include my kids in this step as well to add a tiny lesson in fractions. I drew a circle then have them cut it out. With the circle in hand, I had them cut it in half and asked how many halves we had and what we would get if we added the halves back together.

To make the snood, I drew a funky crescent shape in the red scrap paper and cut it out. Since this part is a little trickier, I went ahead and did this cutting for this.

Finally, and completely optional, you can make a sorting game out of the feathers using the knowledge learned in the video mentioned above. I scattered all the feathers on the table and had the kids group the feathers in rainbow order.

Assembling The Rainbow Turkey Craft

rainbow turkey craft and lesson

To start, prepare the coffee filter by folding the bottom side up about half an inch to make a better arc shape. Once folded, cut out a narrow triangle (about one inch in height) in the center of the bottom crease so the clothespin can get a better grip on the craft.

Next, have your child pick out 2 feathers of each color. Since you need two sets of rainbows for the completed look, I taught my kids a tiny fact about “double rainbows”. The colors in the secondary rainbow are always opposite the primary rainbow meaning the color order is backwards.

It’s your choice to include that fun fact in your lesson and/or craft when you start to glue down the first row of feathers. Either way, I recommend starting with the back row of feathers first.

Simply open the coffee filter, lay down a few strips of Elmer’s glue, and let your child slide the feathers in whatever order you choose. Place one more layer of glue on top of the feathers then press the coffee filter shut to seal it in place. Repeat this process on the front of the coffee filter, but leave out the second layer of glue.

While the feathers are drying, it’s time to assemble the body of the rainbow turkey craft. As I mentioned in our bee craft, I have zero luck getting googly eyes to stick with Elmer’s glue so I used hot glue to make those suckers stick good.

The rest is really easy. Have your child glue the snood first, followed by the beak, then the feet. After everything has had a few minutes to dry, finish off your craft by pinning the clothespin into the triangle cut out on the coffee filter.

Talking And Learning Points While Crafting

rainbow turkey craft and lesson

A majority of the talking points for this rainbow turkey craft have already been listed above, but I will do a quick recap here.

First, before you start your rainbow turkey craft, let your kids watch a short and educational video to cement their knowledge of ROY G. BIV and learn about light refraction. Next, use the prep time to teach your kids fine motor skills and basic mathematics. Finally, play a sorting game with the feathers for a little added fun.

While you are crafting, ask your children questions about rainbows. A few that I included are why do the colors of the rainbow always occur in the same order? How are raindrops and prisms alike? What kinds of water droplets create rainbows (big/teardrop or small/circular)?

You can take the opportunity here for a little side experiment while your rainbow turkey craft is drying to drive home the idea of smaller raindrops making better rainbows. Head out to your garden, have the kids face away from the sun, and spray the hose. Play around with the shower, flat, and mist settings and record which type of water stream makes more rainbows.

Bonus Rainbow Lessons

rainbow turkey craft and lesson

In addition to all the information provided in this post, there are a few really great resources for kids about weather and rainbows if you feel inclined to make this a super lesson.

I highly recommend checking out the Scholastic website. They have a few really fun lesson plans on rainbows suitable for Pre-K through Grade 2. Also, head to your local library and check out some books on rainbows.

Since our whole lesson was about weather, we read this book on weather by The Nature Company’s Discovery Library. This book gave an excellent and brief summary of the science of rainbows as well as TONS of info on weather.

I really hope you enjoy this rainbow turkey craft and lesson as much as we did. It’s my goal to always provide you with crafts that are not only cute as heck, but educational as well.

I would love to stay connected with you all as much as possible! Leave a comment below if you decide to recreate this craft or tag me on IG @the.hippie.homeschooler and use the hashtag #faroutcrafts.

Thank you so much for your continued support and taking the time to read this post. I look forward to bringing you more content soon. Until next time, peace out homies!

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