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THH Podcast 004: Staying Sane While Homeschooling

Hey homies! Welcome back to another episode of The Hippie Homeschooler Podcast! In today’s episode, we talk about 8 tips I have for staying sane while homeschooling.

If you are short on time or just don’t like listening to people ramble on podcasts, I’ll leave a brief summary of the goods in this podcast. Let’s dive in!

#1: Have A Quiet Time

Quiet times are the easiest way to ensure you’re staying sane while homeschooling. Whether your kids are still in the nap age range or you have older children, set aside time throughout the day EVERY DAY for a “quiet time”.

This can be something as short as 30 minutes or as long as your heart desires so long as the kids are in their rooms or a play room and you can have some alone time. Use this time to recalibrate your thoughts, work on a side project, or just to relax without constantly being pulled in a million directions.

#2: Make Chores Part Of Your Curriculum

One of the best things about homeschooling is having the opportunity to teach your children life skills. What better way to do that than having them help with chores?

You have already taken on an enormous role to become a homeschooling parent, there’s no need to do EVERYTHING by yourself. Get your kids involved, make it fun and exciting, and you will guaranteed find some extra sanity.

If you are unsure of age appropriate chores, check out this amazing list for ages 3 to 18 by I highly encourage you to do your own research as well and find a chore list that resonates with you.

#3: Find Drop Off Opportunities

I know for a fact I’m not the only parent who has gone to the store for 2 freaking things and wound up leaving with a screaming child slung over their shoulder.

Whether you are looking for an hour to go to the store alone or a date night with your spouse, finding drop off opportunities can be a great way to stay sane while homeschooling.

Some of our favorite drop off opportunities are at the library, our gymnastics studio, and at the local craft store. Some of these things are free and some you do have to pay for, but let’s be real here. Your sanity is worth paying someone $10 so you can get some alone time.

#4: Sign Up For Team Sports Or Gymnastics

Another great way to stay sane while homeschooling is to sign your kids up for team sports or gymnastics (or music, etc. whatever your kid is interested in). Just like with the drop off opportunities, this affords you an hour or so of uninterrupted time to get some things done for yourself.

Another great thing about these activities is your kids have extra opportunities to socialize with kids around their age (because we all know by now SOCIALIZATION IS NOT AN ISSUE FOR HOMESCHOOLERS).

Team sports also give you an opportunity to make new friends in the community and to have adult conversations. Sometimes as a homeschooling parent, you only talk to your kids for a whole 24 hours. It can be really refreshing to talk to other adults for a change.

#5: Join Co-Ops

Just like with team sports, joining co-ops is a great way for you and your homeschooler to get socialization time. If you search Facebook groups for homeschool co-ops in your area, I guarantee you will find a few.

This is something that may take a while until you find “your tribe”, but I promise it is worth the effort. Finding a group that your children love and other parents with similar beliefs to your own makes homeschooling so much easier!

Another great thing about co-ops is they often times have “parent nights out” where just the parents get together and do grown up things. That is a sure fire way to stay sane while homeschooling.

#6: Pencil In Time For Self Love

This one here is non negotiable, friends. TAKE SOME TIME TO LOVE YOURSELF EVERY DAMN DAY!

What do I mean by self love? Well it’s tricky to define because it looks different for everyone. My favorite ways to practice self love are taking long baths (usually during quiet time), journaling/writing positive affirmations, and doing face masks.

Basically anything that makes you feel good, pampered, loved, and taken care of. It can be something as simple as 2 minutes of journaling or as boujee as 2 hours of deep tissue massage. Whatever it is that makes you feel worthy, DO IT EVERY DAY!

Practicing regular self love is the easiest (and most enjoyable) way you can stay sane while homeschooling. You can’t fill someone else’s cup if yours is empty so take the time to love yourself and in turn you will be able to share more love.

#7: Exercise

This one is also non negotiable. You and your kids should be exercising for at least 30 minutes every day. Again, this is going to look different for everyone so find the exercises that work well for you/keep your kids entertained and stick with that.

Exercise is a great way to keep your physical and energetic bodies in shape. If you notice your kids are starting to get squirmy during a lesson, have a dance party and mix it up. Get the sillies out and then continue on.

Likewise, if you notice you are starting to get antsy or snippy, take some time to lift weights or do an at home workout to let the stress release from your body then re-approach the situation.

If you aren’t sure of child appropriate exercises, I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to kid friendly exercises. Follow this link to see the great content on that board.

#8: Meditate

I saved the woo-woo for last. For me, this is the most valuable tip for staying sane while homeschooling. If you haven’t already experienced the transformative effects of meditation, you are missing out homie!

Just like with exercise, I highly encourage you to meditate with your kids. There is no reason to exclude them from this powerful healing modality because at the end of the day, their mental health is just as important as your own.

If you are stuck on where to start with kid friendly meditations, I recommend checking on YouTube. There are hundreds of excellent videos to choose from. Let your kids be apart of the process of choosing the meditation so they can truly resonate with the experience.

That Wraps Up My Tips For Staying Sane While Homeschooling!

I’m sure there are hundreds of other tips I could give here, but I like to give my information in small sizeable chunks. I will continue to update this list as often as possible because I truly believe our mental health is the most important thing in our lives. ESPECIALLY as homeschooling parents.

If you have any tips for staying sane while homeschooling that you would like to share or that have worked for you, be sure to let me know in the comments below and I will feature it in the next update of this list.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this article! Be sure to check out the podcast (and my other podcasts) for a more in depth analysis of these tips. Until next time, peace out homies!

staying sane while homeschooling

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