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THH Podcast 011 – Homeschooling Burnout

Hey homies! Welcome back to another episode of THH Podcast. Today we are addressing the homeschooling burnout.

I very recently went through a burnout myself (you may have heard it in my voice during last weeks podcast) so I know exactly what it feels like to be in the thick of it.

In this epsisode, we talk about some signs that indicate you might be burning out. Then we discuss ways to get yourself out of the rut and some preventative measures to stay away from burning out again.

Click the player below to listen to the podcast or keep reading to get the summary of this episode.

What Is A Homeschooling Burnout?

To put it simply, a homeschooling burnout is when you have worked yourself into the ground without taking time to nourish yourself along the way.

Burning out isn’t exclusive to homeschooling, every parent has experienced this at least once since having kids. However, I think having the extra job of teaching your kids contributes greatly to your overall stress levels.

Signs You Are Experiencing A Burnout

As with anything pertaining to emotions, everyone is going to experience a homeschooling burnout differently. These signs are very generalized, but are a really good indicator you’re in the thick of a burnout.

  • Feeling extremely overwhelmed – For me personally, this was the first indicator I was burning out. If you wake up in the morning and feel like the weight of the world is already on your shoulders, give yourself a damn break!

  • Feeling Irritable/Having A Short Fuse – Does it feel like every time your kids ask you a question you want to explode? Does every little thing that is normally adorable about your kids suddenly drive you crazy? Yeah, homie. You burning out.

  • Feeling Lazy And/Or Uninspired – Have your lessons gone from innovative and exciting to dull and mundane? Have you lost all desire to break free from the curriculum’s and plan an impromptu lesson? Keep reading then.

Tips To Get Out Of The Rut

So now that we know what to look out for, how do we get ourselves out of the hole? Again, these tips are just things that have worked for me. You may need to tweak things a bit to be more suited to your needs, but feel free to use these suggestions.

  • Spend Some Time Alone – As parents, we don’t really need much to decompress. Sometimes going for a 30 minute walk alone so you can think your own thoughts without interruption or listen to your favorite podcast is the perfect palette cleanser.

  • Hang Out With Your Friends/Mom’s Night Out – Kids are so wonderful, but sometimes you need to have adult conversations to talk about adult feelings. Call up your BFF and go for some coffee without the kids.

  • Go To A Meet Up/Make New Friends – This goes hand in hand with what I talked about in the productivity podcast. When you break yourself out of your comfort zone, you will break yourself out of any rut you may be experiencing.

Avoiding Homeschooling Burnout In The Future

It’s one thing to give advice for getting out of a homeschooling burnout, but even better to give preventative measures. After all, no one enjoys being in a burnout. So how can we avoid it?

  • Make Regular “Me” Days – Pencil some time in for your damn self! I get it, you have a small shit ton on your plate. BUT, you need to make yourself a priority too. Take a walk once a week, go to a yoga class, have a coffee date alone. Whatever works for you to get you out of the house and decompressed.
  • Plan Date Nights With Your Spouse (Or Whoever) – Make it a habit to have a date night with your spouse once a month so you can talk openly about your feelings or struggles. Our favorite date night is making vegan sushi and snuggling on the couch with Netflix. It doesn’t have to be crazy, just relaxing.
  • Exercise And Meditate – Yeah, I know. I LITERALLLLLLY say this all the time. I wouldn’t harp on it if it didn’t work so just give it a shot already.
homeschooling burnout

Have You Experienced A Homeschool Burnout?

As always, this is a safe space to share your struggles with homeschooling and parenting. Let us know in the comments below if you have experienced a homeschooling burnout. What did you do to get yourself out of the rut? Do you have any tips that weren’t already mentioned?

If you would like more info on the topic of homeschooling burnout, be sure to check out the podcast episode. I go waaay more in depth about everything mentioned above. Also, if you think this post could help out a friend who is struggling, be sure to share it.

Thank you so much for your support and sharing your time with me! I hope you have a wonderful rest of the day wherever you are on this planet. Until next time! Peace out, homies!

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